The Honorbread bakery and shopfront in Bermagui isn’t far from the waterfront restaurant that until recently was run by Honor and Tim.

Honor explains that she developed a passion for bread which she initially made in their laundry at home, then the restaurant, and now finally the dream of having their own bakery has come true.

Although all their bread is made using sourdough culture (with the exception of baguettes which use some bakers yeast), Honor makes the point that they are not obsessed with sourdough as sourdough. “It just makes better bread. It just works”. The same comment comes when we ask about the sacks of certified organic flour. Why not call your bread “organic sourdough”, we asked.

“We don’t need labels” said Tim, “we just want to make the best bread that we can. Organic flour is not only sustainable, which matters to us, it is simply better flour.”

Every day has its own challenges for the bakery. Different humidity, ambient temperatures, and variable flour batches. While many modern methods help with consistency, there is still the feel of the bread that only human judgement can get right.

Tim and Honor enjoy experimenting with new ingredients and are willing to persevere with a different recipe for a period to see if it gets a following. “Friends said we were mad to try spelt, fruit and fennel in a loaf, but it’s selling.”

The bakery requires 120 hours of work each week, and when it is really humming there are 5 or 6 people mixing, shaping and baking. Tim and Honor generally manage to have Sunday off. For those desperate for a loaf of Honorbread on their way past on a Sunday, there is an honesty box out the front of the shop.



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