New YouTube channel - Veggie Growing With Joyce

Written by Joyce Wilkie

Since Christmas I have been throwing around the idea of uploading gardening educational videos on YouTube. There is unlimited content because I’m interested in big back yards through to small scale market gardens. The emphasis in both cases is diversity and year round eating. However the learning curve has been steep to say the least. With the generous help of digital story teller Peter Dowson and film director Ben Strunin, who came to Stepping Stone to learn about market gardening, I have finally got over the whole tragedy of looking and listening to myself. 

Their message was four pronged

  1. get some good sound recording gear (much more important than picture quality)
  2. have interesting content,
  3. start filming everything I’m doing and  
  4. most people can’t stand watching themselves in a video.

 So it’s happening, a minimum of one video posted every week with either seasonally appropriate content or techniques that can be used throughout the gardening year.

At this stage there are only two videos posted but it is a start. The long term goal is to amass a broad range of content and to catalog it in a logical, informative and easy to access way on the Stepping Stone website - an ambitious and rather daunting goal. In the mean time here is the link.

You know the routine - like and subscribe. Every one of these helps build the momentum and you never know in a year or two SAGE will have a really great vegetable growing resource that everyone will be able to access on their phone and laptop.

Thanks for reading,

Joyce Wilkie  


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