We are located on Bunga Street in Bermagui on the South Coast of NSW. Tim and I lived on Lord Howe Island before we moved here in 2010 where we ran a restaurant called Pandanus. An idyllic location but one that became too small and remote with growing children so we came to Bermagui to open an Italian Restaurant at the Fishermen’s Co Op called il Passaggio. Our love of baking slowly became our dominant focus. We opened Honorbread in 2015 when we outgrew the kitchen space at the restaurant and decided to purposely build a bakery space for our expanding local and wholesale bread customers. 

Although all their bread is made using sourdough culture (with the exception of baguettes which use some bakers yeast), Honor makes the point that they are not obsessed with sourdough as sourdough. “It just makes better bread. It just works”. The same comment comes when we ask about the sacks of certified organic flour. Why not call your bread “organic sourdough”, we asked.

“We don’t need labels” said Tim, “we just want to make the best bread that we can. Organic flour is not only sustainable, which matters to us, it is simply better flour.”