Winter at the Farmers Market | June 2023

The Tuesday Farmers Market has settled quietly into winter after the colour and abundance of autumn. Our winter market is smaller, softer, quieter. Shoppers amble in slowly without the summer rush to be in the queue by 3pm, and stall holders have more time to chat.

For small scale farmers, winter is a time of planning, preparation, and consolidation. If some of the regular stalls are missing for a few weeks, they may be taking a well-deserved winter break or holiday and we wish them well!

Despite the market being smaller in winter, there’s plenty of nutrient dense fresh winter produce available, along with the usual array of local meats, fish, dairy, eggs, honey, fruit, bakery goods, preserves and spirits. Seasonal winter vegetables available now include a wide variety of cabbages, broccoli and cauliflower, spinach, bok choy, leafy salad greens, radishes, pumpkin, fennel, carrots, leeks, Jerusalem artichokes and more!

Pick up a coffee, chai tea and a treat as you wander around or take a seat next to the coffee van. Visit the SAGE stall where you can sit and chat with volunteers about anything and everything related to local food, snap a photo of Stuart’s weekly recipe from the board, and check out upcoming SAGE events.

Eating in season from the market’s range of fresh, nutrient dense veggies in winter can provide better protection from winter ills. We’re lucky to have access to fresh local food in Moruya so it’s well worth making the effort for your health. See you on Tuesday.

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