New SAGE committee growing the local food economy

SAGE members welcomed in a new committee at their annual general meeting on Saturday 19 August, after hearing that the organisation was in a robust financial position following the challenging years of bushfires and Covid, and well placed to continue its mission to grow the local food economy in Eurobodalla - food grown by local growers, provided to local people, at a fair price.

SAGE NSW is a community group whose volunteers manage the Tuesday SAGE Farmers’ Market, Stepping Stone Farm market garden and training facility, the SAGE Education Garden, community food program, and monthly food share, and a program of education and social events.

The new executive committee includes Peter Heyward as president, Cath Reilly as past president, Mark Barraclough as vice president, Jan Maitland as treasurer and Susan Heyward as secretary. Other committee members and convenors are Sandra Makdessi, Stuart Whitlaw, Adrian Cram, Eliza Cannon, Brendan Maher, Alda Rudzis, Sarah Cooper and Wendy Pearce.

Outgoing president Cath Reilly thanked and acknowledged the contribution of SAGE volunteers and the many activities they bring to the community to support the local food system.

“The SAGE community is amazing,” she said.

“But it could be bigger!

“Let’s keep telling the SAGE story so our community of people who want to eat, buy, produce, grow, sell and share local fresh food continues to grow,” said Ms Reilly.

Incoming president Peter Howard, a member and volunteer for the past 3 years, said he would draw on the wisdom and support of the three past presidents present.

“SAGE volunteers are the backbone of SAGE and I urge you to keep contributing and encourage more people to become members and be engaged,” he said.

“A strong active membership makes our programs possible and gives weight to our advocacy to grow a strong food system in the local community, and beyond,” said Mr Heyward.

For more information on SAGE, including the upcoming workshops and how to join, visit


Photo caption: SAGE NSW INC welcomed a new executive committee at its annual general meeting on Saturday 19 August 2023. Pictured is (back) Mark Barraclough, Brendan Maher, Susan Heyward, Jan Maitland, Peter Heyward, Stuart Whitelaw, (front) Alda Rudzis, Sandra Makdessi, Eliza Cannon. Cath Reilly. Absent: Adrian Cram, Sarah Cooper.

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2023 AGM reports

Read the reports presented at the 2023 AGM held at the SAGE Garden on 19 August.
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