SAGE partners with Sydney University

The first week of May 2022 was a big one for SAGE. The Sydney Environment Institute (SEI) is conducting a study about how communities in Australia and India are developing initiatives to respond to or prepare themselves for the impacts of climate change on their lives. They are interested in how communities are trying to make their food, energy, agriculture, infrastructure, and other systems more resilient and appropriate to a climate changing world. SAGE is one of two community groups in Australia that have been selected to be a part of this exciting project. There are also two groups in India that are a part of the study.

The team from SEI joined in conversation with SAGE and some key local community members at the SAGE garden on a sunny First of May as they started a week of interaction and interviews. 

As Professor Danielle Celermajer says, ‘We are planning to create stories about community initiatives that will be told using different media, such as written narratives, podcasts, short films and photo essays. Our goal is for the stories of how communities are already taking action will inspire other communities, provide them with models and assist in creating a different picture of the types of future that are possible.’

The SEI team were overwhelmed with the passion and commitment from our SAGE community to supporting our local food system. Two researchers spent the week embedded in the Moruya community, interviewing farmers and growers, local government councillors and staff, many SAGE members, as well as attending the SAGE Farmers Market to see for themselves what a local food system looks like.

Having this kind of recognition from a major university is a very exciting development, and we hope we can inspire another community to embark on a similar journey to create a community driven solution to the impact of climate change on food security. 

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