SAGE NSW Inc. and Fusion Partnership Project - November 2021

SAGE's partnership project with Fusion Training Solutions has been a great success, seeing a big increase in the number of new wicking beds now located within the SAGE home garden.

Fusion provided twelve trainees along with their trainer Chris Pearson, and the goal to deliver practical and knowledge skills and competencies to gain a Certificate 111 in Landscape Construction qualification.  The SAGE Garden in Moruya provided the space to gain those skills in a real hands-on project with the SAGE site offering a genuine horticultural and client-based context for the training.

SAGE’s Stuart Whitelaw developed a Landscape plan for layout and details of the area and SAGE maintenance co-ordinator Adrian Cram helped site manage the project and deliver training skills on some of the technical aspects of the job.

The group’s success in installing the components of beds and concrete paving as per plan can be best seen at the site. The trainees also developed other skills which were integrated within the course such as project costing, setting out a site for construction and calculating quantities of materials. 

SAGE congratulate all the trainees who successfully gained their Certificates.
The wicking bed design allows water from the reservoir in the beds gravel base to wick upwards replacing water taken up by the plants or evaporation. This cycling of water keeps the bed constantly at optimum water capacity. Overall, the home garden has now an extra 29 square metres of growing space in these raised beds to grow food for SAGE's Community Food program. 

The eager volunteers who regularly cultivate these beds have already sprang into action sowing seed and seedlings, propelling this space into instant production. The project has been a win-win for all involved and a future win for all who will consume the resulting fresh, seasonal and local produce that will grow from these beds.


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e-market relaunches
e-market relaunches

The SAGE e-market has re-opened and despite the current ‘slim pickings’ at the market, we decided to re-open the e-market now in expectation of a busy and back to normal December and January, and to test the interest in the e-market. Please read on to understand why SAGE runs an e- market, and the challenges.
MEDIA RELEASE - To market, to market, to buy local produce online
MEDIA RELEASE - To market, to market, to buy local produce online

The SAGE NSW Inc Farmers Market e-market is back up and running, offering Eurobodalla residents the chance to skip the queues and pre-order local produce online direct from the grower.

Complementing the Moruya Farmers Market at Riverside Park from 3pm each Tuesday, the e-market enables customers to “beat the bell” by shopping online for fresh, local produce over the weekend.

Media release - SAGE planning for its future
Media release - SAGE planning for its future

SAGE NSW Inc has secured a $50,000 grant from the Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal, to hire a business manager to help increase the group’s organisational capacity and promote food security in Eurobodalla.The business plan will include business models and practical actions to identify revenue streams and improve the organisation’s capacity, ensuring its ongoing financial sustainability and resilience.