Interns - preamble


" In a society which emphasises teaching, children, students and adults
become passive and unable to think or act for themselves.
Creative, active individuals can only grow up in a society which
emphasizes learning instead of teaching."
A Pattern Language (1977) Christopher Alexander et al


Want to be a Market Gardener? Stepping Stone Farm offers practical, hands on internships where you will learn by doing next to Master Gardeners and other committed, aspiring, commercial growers.

Stepping Stone is  a working market garden in a delightful, fertile valley, 8kms from the centre of Moruya, NSW.

It has been set up with all the infrastructure, tooling, vehicles and machinery needed for a viable market gardening business based on organic and regenerative farming practices.

Joyce Wilkie (Allsun Farm)  is currently full time mentor/manager with many years experience growing vegetables and teaching aspiring farmers. Currently there is just over 0.5 Ha (just under 1.5 acres) under cultivation and the plan is to gradually increase this to 2 Ha over the next few years. Interns will be given the skill set, knowledge and experience needed to both develop a business plan and then implement it. We want to give new farmers a better chance of securing capital and land access, and a better chance to realise their farm business aspirations.

Internships are now available for the 2022-23 growing season.