Productive Vegetable Gardening - Book Now


Bookings are now open for Productive Vegetable Gardening -a Masterclass series for backyard and small scale market gardeners in Moruya, startingFriday 22 September 2023. 

Our aim is to support and encourage the success of potential and existing gardeners and small-scale growers. 

Choose your masterclass option:

  • BOOK – The masterclass series (all five lessons) at a discounted price, $1,190* as a SAGE Member.
  • Or you can book into individual lessons for:
    2 day lessons - $400* or $350 (SAGE Member) 
    1 day lessons - $220* or $200 (SAGE Member)
    (select the lesson below)
  • *If you’re not yet a SAGE Member, you can join here!

Individual Lessons

  1. BOOK - Introduction to organic market gardening - enterprise planning and practical garden design (2 days) - Friday 22 and Saturday 23 September
  2. BOOK - Working in the field - bed preparation, plant management and maintenance (2 days) - Friday 6 and Saturday 7 October
  3. BOOK - Plant propagation (1 day) - Friday 27 October
  4. BOOK - Irrigation (1 day) - Friday 10 November
  5. BOOK - Harvesting and post harvest care (1 day) - Friday 8 December

Each day in the masterclass series will run for a full day from 9am - 4pm and are held at the SAGE Garden or Stepping Stone Farm in Moruya.

Presenters: Joyce Wilkie - SAGE Stepping Stone Farm educator and manager, Fraser Bayley - Old Mill Road BioFarm, and Alison Walsh - SAGE educator and home gardener.

Includes: All lessons includes notes, morning tea and a delicious lunch of seasonal local produce.

Contact: If you have any questions please contact