Dewsburys Free Range Pork


Eli and Ebony from Dewsbury Pork & Pig Stud strive to provide the best possible environment for their pigs to ensure that the customer will get the absolute best and most ethically raised livestock or pork there is to offer.

All our pigs are born and raised 100% outdoors in paddocks, in which we provide them with moveable shelters for them to use as they wish.  Our paddocks are rotated and cropped, allowing the soil to recover prior to restocking.  As our focus is to produce the highest quality pork and breeding stock, we feel that our practices must directly reflect our philosophy and be implemented in a way that is both environmentally sustainable and ensures that every single pig on our farm, no matter how long or short their stay, has the absolute best quality of life that we can provide for them as nature intended.

This means that at all times our pigs are free to roam and always have access to wallows and clean fresh water, as well as shelters and plenty of shade should they wish to use them.  



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