SAGE Garden Working Bee - 21 Nov 2021

Everyone is welcome to come along to help at the next SAGE Garden Working Bee on Sunday 21 November, 2021.

No experience is necessary and new volunteers are always welcome.  There are plenty of jobs for beginners and more experienced gardeners and lots of tips and gardening stories to share while we work.

This week we will be:

- continuing with the weeding, feeding and mulching of the Rhubarb bed

- harvesting strawberries

- feeding the citrus trees and mulch with hay

- maintaining the front garden beds, weeding, putting down a layer of cardboard and then topping with bark mulch (cardboard donations please)

- Turning the compost

Please bring a small spade and other gardening tools if you have them. There are no rosters and everyone is welcome to attend.

Location: The SAGE Garden 110 Queen Street Moruya

Contact: Wendy Jones via email:

To comply with NSW Health COVID regulations, all attendees will require proof of vaccination until 1 December, 2021. Hand sanitisers and wipes for tools will be provided, and we will work to social distancing rules.


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SAGE Garden Working Bee - 19 Dec 2021
SAGE Garden Working Bee - 19 Dec 2021

Every third Sunday of the month from 10am to 12pm a group of garden enthusiasts get together at the SAGE Garden.

Duties vary throughout the year. You might be pruning, weeding and feeding established garden beds, planting seedlings, mulching or any number of other seasonal gardening tasks.